About Us

The Cataula Volunteer Fire Department is a 100 percent Volunteer service which currently has 30 members, two stations and nine apparatus. The Cataula Volunteer Fire Department protects over 2000 families in a rural, but growing community.  Funding is primarily funded by personal donations and our annual Boston butt fundraiser, with a small stipend from the Harris County tax budget.  

The Cataula Volunteer Fire Department CVFD was established and incorporated in 1973 and is located in Harris County, Georgia. Harris County is one of the largest land mass counties in the state of Georgia. The Cataula fire district covers over 90 square miles and has over 7000 residents. There is no fire tax and we are contracted by the County Board of Commissioners to provide fire and rescue services. The CVFD does receive and annual stipend from the county of about $13,000 to help cover the cost of providing services. The rest of the money needed by the department is raised by fund raisers throughout the year and donations of the citizens in the community. None of the firefighters receive monetary compensation. The CVFD is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization that strives to train and perform fire and rescue services to the community when called upon. With every dollar that is raised, it helps keep insurance rates lower by being able to purchase equipment to bring the fire department up to certain standards given by ISO. Currently, the CVFD has an ISO rating of 5/9, which has helped reduce the insurance rates in the area.  The CVFD also participates in several fundraisers for important causes, such as MDA and Wheels of Fire.

The department responds to structure fires, vehicle fires, woods fires, downed power lines and when requested by EMS, vehicle accidents and medical calls. The department also clears roadways after storms and is there to assist the community when no other entity can handle the task.

Also visit us on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/CataulaVFD


Donations for the Cataula Volunteer Fire Department can be made by mail at the following address: 

Cataula VFD

PO Box 475

Cataula, GA 31804

A receipt for your tax deductible donation will be mailed back to you so don't forget to include a return address. ‚Äč

A faster way



     get your burn permit online by going to this website: http://www.gatrees.org/ 

From this page you can obtain a burning permit for hand piled natural vegetation.

This permit is required for burning all natural vegetation that is hand piled, including leaf piles on the premises that they fall, and vegetative debris disposal from storm damage, weed abatement, disease and/or pest prevention. 

You can also obtain a burning permit by calling 1-877-OK2-BURN (652-2876). 

Fires should not be initiated before 8:00 a.m. and should be completely extinguished before dark.